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for freelancers

Regardless of whether or not you’re a citizen of a European Union state, or working temporarily or permanently in Germany, since 2009 ...

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for employees

The health insurance Germany requires are either state-run or private. They operate in parallel, but are both equally valid for workers ...

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residence permit

Since 2009, those living and working in Germany have been legally required to have valid health insurance. People from countries outside the EU ...

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German Health Insurance

Germany Health Insurance

If you are a resident working in Germany, you can choose between statutory health insurance, also referred to as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV), or you can opt for private health cover, which is also referred to as Private Krankenversicherung (PKV). However, your choice of private health insurance is limited because only people with a certain level of income qualify for private insurance. If you are self employed you can apply if proven you can qualify for the same.

As every health insurance Germany professional will advise, private health insurance is offered by both local and international companies. What you need to understand is that not every international company offers services that can fulfil legal obligations in Germany. Most of them operate within their own regulations that reflect the international standards and market, so you need to consult before buying a policy from any international insurance company. Once you choose to buy private insurance from an international company, you must prove that it offers the compulsory minimum as expressed in the statutory health insurance, whereby any company operating in line with the regulations should provide for elderly care and chronic illnesses.

It is vital to note that unlike statutory insurance, private health cover depends on your risk profile or, in simpler language, your health condition and age. Premium calculations factor in medical costs across specific demographics, meaning if you are an older person you will be charged more if you opt for private health cover. A young man will definitely have a better risk profile, so premiums charged will be relatively lower.

We as qualified health insurance Germany professionals will only offer referrals to companies that are fully compliant to the laws. As independent insurance brokers, it is our duty to offer clear and unbiased advice on the German health insurance sector. Most expatriates hold different opinions and expectations from the health insurance companies, so we are always committed to help you have a fruitful conversation about the health insurance legislation. This is in a bid to help you choose a cost-effective and ideal policy that will cover your health risks during your whole stay in Germany.

Generally, each policy offers different terms and conditions, so when choosing a policy it is necessary to consider whether the cover offered caters for all the things you would like. A policy that covers any illness or injury that you or your family suffers is ideal during your stay abroad. Just like you do with any other insurance policy, you need to weigh the cost of premiums attached to the cover against the benefits you are bound to receive. It is also necessary to understand that lack of emergency cover could leave you in a critical state in the event of the risk occurring, so get a cover that also includes emergencies.

In the event of an emergency, you can get admitted to a contracted health institution, which will communicate with your insurance provider to submit the total cost of treatment and to verify whether the company will meet these liabilities. If you do not have sufficient cover, you will be forced to pay a portion of the total cost of treatment.


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German Health Insurance

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