All You Need to Know About Supplementary Health Insurance Germany

supplementary health insurance

Why Get a Supplementary Health Insurance in Germany?

Even though they have highly reputable public health system, many people choose getting a supplementary health insurance plan in Germany, for the added benefits. A private insurance often avails additional coverage options at very reasonable price, including the ability to take additional choices during the course of a medical treatment.

Supplementary Health Insurance for Travelling

Another typical scenario where German citizens seek a supplementary health insurance is when travelling to another country outside of the European Union. This is because the national health system only covers situations happening within the EU, making it really important to seek additional coverage while going farther away… otherwise the travelling patient will be expected to fully pay their medical bills. In any case, it’s worth noting – should the need for medical care happen within an EU country, the German government will cover emergency treatments only, and only up to the equivalent cost if the treatment were given in Germany.

Occasional travelers should consider getting an inexpensive annual health insurance policy for traveling. People who wish to go abroad for longer than 60 days are actually required to get an insurance plan. You can see additional information along with quotes for this type of health plan at this website.

Good Reasons to Get Supplementary Dental Coverage

Public health coverage for dental replacement treatment in particular (and dental health in general) has increasingly diminished in the recent years. For this reason, it’s now very recommendable for people who intend to take up residence in Germany to acquire a supplementary specialized dental insurance coverage.

Additional Coverage for Hospital Stays (as Inpatient)

For people looking to get a little extra comfort during a future hospital stay, there are dedicated plans which can be very enticing. By getting an Inpatient or Hospital Supplementary Health Insurance in Germany, you will be allowed to choose from a selection of hospitals, as well as getting a private room with different beds available to choose from. You will also get access to a head of department rather than being treated by whichever doctors are available (which is the standard for patients lacking supplementary insurance).

This type of supplementary insurance is very popular with soon-to-be mothers, who often require extended care and particularly value their privacy. It’s also a fairly common choice for people who wish to get some work done during their hospital stay, in which case the peace and quiet of a single room (along with Wi-Fi access) is ideal.  When signing up for a supplementary health insurance, you can usually pick different levels of coverage depending on your specifications. In any case, all hospital service in Germany is of very high standards.

Supplementary Health Coverage for Outpatients

This type of supplementary health insurance Germany caters to patients who need to go through extended treatment after being discharged from the hospital. It will avail additional options such as choosing natural/holistic treatment plans, getting new glasses or optometrist appointments, or private care at home. As with the other plans, this features different levels to choose from depending on the patients budget and specifications.